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So yes, New Years and Las Vegas claimed my 1+ month of no drinking or consuming shit foods, but that’s ok, some vacations are allowed as long as you get back to work at some point.

Jan. 6th I did a basic Cardio, Basic Weights, and Core workout but it was sporadic so who cares. Today, I tried a little harder….


- 6g Glutamine+BCAA complex

- 2g L-Arginine

- 3g Jack3d (Creatine)


- 20 Pull-ups

-100 Moving Lunges

-25 Sets of 5 Pushups

-100 Moving Lunges

-15 Min. Elliptical Run (approx 1.5 mile)

- Barbell Squats, 3 Sets; 135 lb./10x, 225 lb./7x, 190 lb./8x

- Deadlifts, 1 set; 135 lb./10x (stopped to prevent injury)


- 72g MyoFusion Protein Blend*

- Half bag of raw Spinach*

- 2 tbsp Organic Peanut Butter*

- 20 oz Water*

* All Blended Together

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